Going Mobile with Cityworks PLL

Trang Vu By: Trang Vu

This webinar, presented by Ron Butcher, Michael Edwards, Lauren Sullivan, and Apurva Goyal, focused on Timmons Group’s customized mobile app for Cityworks PLL that helps inspectors in the field with inspections and tasks such as creating permits and cases, following up on tasks, providing comments, and attaching pictures to records.

The mobile app for Cityworks PLL allows users to create new cases and complete inspections in the field and have it immediately available in Cityworks. The user can select an address or parcel, select a case or permit, fill in required information, add pictures and submit to Cityworks all in a few simple clicks.  Once the user has submitted the case or permit, they can come back to the app and complete available inspections in the field by assigning a result code, adding pictures and submitting comments.