GIS Goes Hand-in-Hand with Engineering

Trang Vu By: Trang Vu

Technology is all around us. Most of the time when people hear of engineering tools, they think CADD or SiteOps - no one really thinks of using GIS technology for engineering tasks such as stormwater inspections, ADA ramp data collection, or site selection. At Timmons Group, we regularly meld engineering and GIS technology together.  Being one of a small number of engineering firms also offering GIS technology, this gives us the competitive edge to offer our clients the most innovative solutions.

GIS + Stormwater

We have recently completed mobile stormwater inspection apps for clients across Virginia.  Many localities have inspectors out in the field with pen and paper. We designed two integrated apps (mobile and web) to introduce paperless stormwater inspections that allows inspectors to record BMP data, attach images, and integrate the data back to the web app for easy reporting.

GIS + Survey

Timmons Group has a long history of integrating GIS into its Real Time Kinematic (RTK) 3-dimensional survey activities. While RTK itself is a long standing survey tool used by most modern survey companies, Timmons Group’s Geospatial savvy enables us to take this practice to the next level. Our ability to link RTK survey activities in the field to GIS database translates into reduced cost to clients, increased data quality, and minimized back office processing.

GIS + Transportation

Our GIS team used Collector for ArcGIS to configure a data collection tool for compliance evaluation of pedestrian accessibility at signalized intersections. The goal of the project was to evaluate pedestrian signal assets for ADA and MUTCD compliance.  Our transportation team used their iPads, with Collector loaded and ready, to easily collect the required data for 72 ramps on a high traffic street in Virginia.

GIS + Utilities

Timmons Group’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Practice has significant Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) experience and an un-paralleled passion for EAM solutions.  We combine planning, engineering, financial, operational, and technological expertise required to solve complex CMMS/asset management challenges for our utilities clients. 

GIS + Site Planning

Economic development and civil engineering projects rely on the integration of data from several sources to create sustainable and well planned development. GIS allows us to visualize the location and relationship of data used for development, and analyze attributes such as size, and proximity to utilities. It also helps us create maps and reports that can easily be communicated to stakeholders.

So you see, incorporating engineering and GIS technology offers many benefits to multiple sides of engineering.  At Timmons Group, we strive to make our clients’ projects run smoothly, from concept to completion, while offering the most cutting edge technology to do so.