Essential Editing Tips and Tricks: Reassigning a Route in Esri Roads and Highways

Brittany Harlow By: Brittany Harlow

Over the past few weeks, our GIS expert, Tim Sheldon has walked you through how to realign, reverse, extend and retire a route using the Esri Roads and Highways toolbar. In his next tutorial, Tim will demonstrate step by step directions on how to reassign a route. The simplest way to explain the Reassign Route function on the Roads and Highways toolbar is that it changes your route ID to make it unique for each record in the network. The route ID combines a variety of fields including county, section, region, number, direction and type.

By using the function, you will be able to reassign a route with a new route ID in one of two ways. First, you can use the multi-field route ID input to build a new route ID or you can select an existing route ID from the existing map and reassign the new route to the same route ID. In this video tutorial, Tim will demonstrate how to utilize the first of the two by using a brand-new route ID.

Fun Fact: you can use this feature for more than just reassigning a route! By using the reassign route tool you can also use it to effectively extend a route. Learn more below:

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Tim Sheldon, GISP