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Ensuring the Safety of our Bridges

The structural team of Timmons Group has been conducting the field work and office work inspecting bridges in and around Richmond.  This work is critical to ensure that the bridges on our roads are safe.  We document any deficiencies, compare to the previous inspection report, and arrive at the rate of degradation.  If warranted, repairs are recommended.  These repair needs can be immediate at times.  Our team will then alert the owner and facilitate the detailing and oversight of the emergency repairs.

Specifically, we just completed the field work for the Water Street over Gillies Creek bridge in Richmond.  Built in the 1930s, this bridge has seen a lot of traffic over the years, but has held up remarkably well.  A testament to old-school quality.

While not a glamourous assignment, as we often need to don waders and deal with muddy waterways, it is a critical component to keeping our roads and bridges safe.

Frankly, we love the fact that we have the opportunity to do this work, as bridges are our passion.

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