Drilling Deep with Our Geotechnical/CMT Team in Raleigh

Trang Vu By: Trang Vu

We now have a full team of Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testers in our Raleigh, NC office!  For those unfamiliar, our geotechnical and CMT team offers high quality subsurface exploration during the design phase, and materials testing services during the construction phase for a wide range of projects.

We’ve done many projects in North Carolina, such as: Carolina Charter School, North Carolina National Guard Readiness Centers (High Point, Morganton, and Raeford), North Carolina National Guard Joint Force Headquarters (Raleigh), Wake, Durham, and Orange County Public Schools, Chapel Hill High School, Lidl, and Burlington Coat Factory.

Now, let’s meet the team who will be providing these earth-shattering services and share some interesting facts that make them really special!

Patrick is our Geotechnical Project Manager with over 20 years of experience. Some of Pat’s day-to-day responsibilities include: managing / scheduling of testing, managing technicians, testing scheduling, and field report review. Patrick has experience with field Inspections and evaluation, pavement investigations, deep foundation inspections (engineered footings, caissons, helical piers, piles, dynamic compaction), retaining wall inspections, field concrete testing, field soil testing, laboratory soil testing, laboratory concrete testing, laboratory asphalt testing, AutoCAD, GINT, Trimble GPS, resistivity testing, NDT concrete testing (Swiss Hammer, Windsor Probe), drillers assistant, post tension inspection and wood framing inspections.

Interesting Fact: Patrick and his wife were married underwater in a scuba wedding by the captain of the boat while diving in a coral reef!


Jesse is a Geotechnical Professional with over 13 years of Geotechnical and CMT experience. His typical responsibilities include writing geotechnical reports, composing geotechnical proposals, reviewing soil samples, scheduling drilling, and overall geotechnical design phase project management. His experience also includes laboratory concrete and soil testing, asphalt and concrete coring, anchor bolt pull testing, and monitoring of earthwork.

Interesting Fact: Jesse loves drinking and brewing craft beer so much that he worked at a microbrewery right out of college! The image below is a fully automated beer brewing system that runs on a smart phone application designed by Jesse and his team for senior design at NC State University. Talk about innovation!


George is a Construction Materials Testing Technician with over 3 years of experience in the industry. George has experience testing soils during commercial and residential projects to ensure correct moisture and density results are achieved. He is familiar with the standard proctor method, completing check plugs, and sand cones. George is responsible for testing behind retaining walls, asphalt core samples, hand augers, and DCP testing.

Interesting Fact: George is currently working on opening his own small business (on the side of course) as an escape room operator with a dedicated room geared towards families with young children, check it out here!

As you can see, this team is not just about testing and drilling. These three professionals offer fascinating personalities, over three decades of combined experience, and are ready to take on any of your geotechnical and testing needs in North Carolina!