Downloadable Walking Route: Myers Park in Charlotte, NC

Sara Snavely By: Sara Snavely

The purpose of this walking route series is to provide our community with the resources to simply get outside and explore unique areas and neighborhoods.  With park closures and playground closures occurring due to safety precautions, there are still plenty of entertaining walking routes within our Cities that incorporate nature, stunning architecture, historic monuments and scenic blooms.

Today, we’re featuring a walking tour route in Charlotte, NC, giving you the perfect agenda item to add to your weekend plans. This picturesque route is lined with mature oak trees and an abundance of historic homes to gawk over. Our route takes us through parts of the Myers Park neighborhood and includes part of the popular  path locals know as the Booty Loop. I started this route at Simpson’s Produce on the corner of S. Kings Drive and Queens Road, which is also a great option for parking. Another parking option to note is near Freedom Park, but keep in mind that would change your starting location for this route.

Stop 1. Simpson's Produce

If you’re planning your walk on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, stop into Simpson’s Produce before or after your walk begins. Simpson’s Produce has been family owned and operated since 1941 and carries seasonal fruits and veggies. They also carry seasonal Fall flowers, pumpkins and produce in October, and Christmas wreaths and trees in December.

Stop 2. Queens University Campus

Queens University is a small, private campus located in the center of the Myers Park neighborhood. Our walking route provides only a glimpse of campus, but if you have some extra time or packed a picnic lunch, this is a great place to stop or detour through. 
Stop 3. Scenic Neighborhood Streets

This entire route includes stunning homes, each with their own unique architectural detail and blooming plant pallets. Most of the homes are bungalow styles, but Queen Anne and Colonial Revival homes are mixed in throughout.

If you’d like to enjoy this route for your next walk, feel free to click the download button below to save an image of the route to your phone to use as a guide!