Congestion Relief Coming to Atlee Station Road in Hanover County

Brian Copeland, PE, Assoc. DBIA By: Brian Copeland, PE, Assoc. DBIA

If you have traveled along Atlee Station Road north of U.S. Route 301 in Hanover County recently, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic change in terrain across from Cool Spring Baptist Church. This work is the culmination of an extensive project development process administered (on behalf of VDOT) by Hanover County and Timmons Group to help relieve existing and future congestion concerns between Route 301 (Chamberlayne Road) and Atlee High School.

Atlee Station Road (Route 637) provides an important link between Route 301 and the I-95/Atlee-Elmont interchange and carries weekday traffic volumes in excess of 10,000 vehicles per day near Route 301. Adjacent residential neighborhoods and Hanover County schools are the primary traffic generators flanking the corridor. Linking Atlee Road and Atlee Station Road will address anticipated growth in the corridor and become the primary thoroughfare and connection to Route 301 while the existing two-lane section of Atlee Station Road will remain in place to serve primarily local traffic. The images below show the proposed improvements in design form, as well as in-progress construction.

Some of the specific traffic improvements you can expect to see once the project is completed include:

1) Two (2) options to access Route 301 from Atlee Station Road, one of which will provide improved access from the adjacent residential and commercial development onto the new Atlee Road extension.
2) A new traffic signal with pedestrian/bike accommodations located where traffic is diverted onto either option.
3) A grade-separated bridge crossing over the Buckingham Branch Railroad (designed by our subconsultant STV, inc.) to avoid delays and safety concerns associated with an at-grade signalized railroad crossing.
4) Removal of the existing at-grade railroad crossing across from Cool Spring Baptist Church with a new underpass tunnel (designed by STV, inc.) for vehicular access under extended Atlee Road.
5) Sidewalk connectivity to the Rutland Commons shopping center.

The following are a few interesting pictures of ongoing construction work that show how the contractor, Abernathy Construction Company, is working collaboratively with Hanover County, Timmons Group and STV, inc. to make it all happen.

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