C-Suite Conversations: An Unscripted Interview with Brian Bortell

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

Our President and CEO, Brian Bortell, was the distinguished guest of the month for the Robins School of Business C-Suite Conversations at the University of Richmond. In this unscripted interview facilitated by Dr. Richard Coughlan, Brian discusses his leadership at Timmons Group, and how decision-making, strategy and other areas have contributed to the growth of the firm.

This video is a unique opportunity to hear from the perspective of an engineering, design and technology leader who has tripled the firm’s size in the last seven years to over 700 employees and to over $100 Million. These dramatic outcomes were a direct result of Brian’s persistence and action as a leader, qualities that are also displayed in Brian’s personal life through his passion for running, having competed in over 20 marathons and running in over 100 triathlons.

Thanks again to the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business for hosting this event. We hope you enjoy watching below!