A New Way to Use Visualization

Dave Robinson By: Dave Robinson

Visualization continues to be a powerful tool that we’re expanding upon creatively through every project opportunity.

Lately, I have been working with clients on various residential projects for new large-scale communities. These neighborhoods include not only brand-new homes, but the desire for natural landscapes, greenway trails, and scenic thoroughfares. Clients desire to visualize these amenities because they are a huge selling point to potential buyers. These amenities promote and encourage community and in order to connect them all together, the neighborhood streetscape is equally as important. The streetscape begins at the entrance of a community and often contributes to the overall first impression.

Our visualization team has been working on a new design style in order to help our clients communicate these streetscapes more effectively. Traditionally, streetscapes have been drafted as a 2D elevation, such as this:


This method is still effective, but for the non-design audience, we’ve found a better way to do it. Introducing our 3D streetscape style:

Clients are finding that these visualizations are helping them make faster decisions by answering early questions and solving potential challenges early. These renderings are allowing them the ability to show the relationship between pedestrians, vehicles, and bicyclists, and contribute to the safety of the neighborhood and its residents.

Another neat feature is that we can also produce a 2D elevation from our 3D rendering, which is guaranteed improved visual quality.




Timmons Group offers visualization services in house and can provide images, models and animation that make complex projects and designs easy to understand.

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